The Governing Election

Okay, so we left off when Willie got recognized as a honest man. He attended the triple funeral, and everyone pretty much was in the palm of his hand.

Now we learn that a government election is coming up. “There were then two major factions in the Democratic party in the state, the Joe Harrison outfit and the MacMurfee outfit. It was going to be a really close race, so someone in the Harrison outfit got the bright idea to put in a “dummy” to split the MacMurfee vote. They needed a loved man like Willie.

One of the men from Harrison’s outfit named Tiny Duffy, drove to Mason City that he was God’s choice for governor and the “savior of the state.” Even though “Willie was not religious by any ordinary standards,” he wanted the office, so he believed him.

They led him on for a while. He was a terrible candidate. His speeches were boring. He went off facts more than emotion. He wanted it so bad that he never realized he was being played. “Tiny Duffy summoning him was nothing but the echo of a certainty and a blind compulsion within him, the thing that had made him sit up in his room, night after night, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, to write the fine phrases and the fine ideas in the big ledger or to bend with a violent, almost physical intensity over the yellow page of an old law book.”

Eventually Sadie Burke, from Harrison’s outfit, told him that he was set up. Willie drank a bottle of Whiskey and crashed in Jack’s room. He was so hungover that he could not go to his campaign barbecue, so Jack had to give him more whiskey so he could attend. Willie then gave a drunk speech in the fit of anger. He told everyone he had been set up, and he completely bashed Harrison’s outfit. Which they totally deserved in my opinion. He then announced that he was dropping out of the race to support MacMurfee, who ended up winning in the long run.

Alright, so this is a good stopping point. Next update will be on Thursday January 24. XO-Ash 🙂

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