The Scandal

Okay, so this is going to be a shorter entry, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. In chapter three, we learn about Jack’s mother. We learn that she is married to Theodore Murrell, or “the Young Executive.”

Jack is telling about a time he visited his family. When his dad, “the scholarly attorney” left home to give out religious pamphlets. His mom told him that he left because he didn’t love her anymore. She then proceeded to have many relationships, such as The count, The Tycoon, and, her now husband, the Young Executive.

I really don’t understand why all of these guys had interesting names like “The Count” or “The Tycoon” like Mrs. Murrell’s exes. Even her now husband goes by “The Executive,” and her ex husband went by “The scholarly attorney.”

Here’s where things get a little bit interesting. The men in MacMurfee’s outfit are trying to impeach Byram B. White, the state auditor. Apparently he’s been involved in a scandal. Willie humiliates White, but then decides he wants to protect him. This causes Hugh Miller, Willie’s Attorney General, to resign from office, and try to convince Lucy to leave Willie. Willie then orders Jack to sleuth on the men in MacMurfee’s outfit and he begins stumping the state, giving speeches, and blackmailing MacMurfee’s men. Surprised by his cunning abilities, the MacMurfee men try to impeach willie, but blackmailing was a smart move because the impeachment is called off before the vote can be taken, and Willie wins the next election.

Alright, so here’s where it gets super juicy. We learn that Willie is in a long term affair with Sadie Burke, who, get this, is jealous of his other mistresses. He has multiple mistresses!! And Lucy seems to know nothing about all of this, but I don’t understand how you could keep a bunch of side chicks on the down low.

Eventually Lucy leaves Willie by spending time away from him, but they keep up the appearance of being married. We think it is because she doesn’t want to cut ties with him for Tommy’s sake, but Tommy is a teenaged football star going through his own sexual exploration.

That’s all for tonight. New update on Sunday January 27. XO-Ash

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