The Dirt

All right, so Jack is basically obsessed with finding dirt on Judge Irwin. If you remember, at the end of chapter one, Willie told Jack to find dirt on Irwin. When Jack said “suppose there isn’t anything to find?” In which Willie responded with “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something….and make it stick” I know it says that Willie wasn’t happy that he disagreed with his, but I’m still trying to figure out why he has to go to so many extremes to find dirt. Also, why can’t he do it himself? I guess, if that happened, then the whole book would have to be from Willie’s point of view? Anyways, to continuing with Jack finding his evidence.

Jack is trying to get George to talk about Judge Irwin, but George just doesn’t want to budge. He kept repeating “foulness” and saying “I will not touch the world of foulness again.” I know that Willie wants Judge Irwin to side with him, but does it really matter this much to make Jack go to such extremes?

After not getting anything out of George, Jack decides to investigate deeper into the Judge’s past. He toggled with the idea that Jack married a rich woman, but after much research from old newspapers and court documents, he found out that the Judge didn’t marry a woman for money, but instead had taken out a mortgage on his plantation. After some further digging, Jack finds a letter from a spiritual medium named Lily Mae Littlepaugh, from her brother George Littlepaugh, whom Judge Irwin replaced at the power company. It was a suicide note, revealing that the Judge had received a large amount of stock and his position at the power company as a bribe for dismissing a court case brought against the Southern Belle Fuel Company, which, get this, has the SAME parent company as American Electric Power. They even kind of sound similar.

After her brother’s suicide, Lily Littlepaugh did everything she could to help this situation, but Governor Stanton protected Judge Irwin. Stanton even threatened Lily with prosecution for insurance fraud.

It only took about seven months, but Jack had found his proof.

New update Sunday, February 3. Maybe we will see what Jack decides to do with the dirt he has found. XO- Ash

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