The Affair

Okay, so Jack was in love with Anne Stanton. Jack spent most of his time with Adam Stanton, and Anne just tagged along. He fell in love with her after his junior year at the State University when he was twenty one and Anne was seventeen. They ended up spending the whole summer together and had an intense physical relationship.

During a thunderstorm, they found themselves alone and almost ‘did it’ for the first time, but Jack hesitated. His mom ended up coming home early, so their chance was ruined. The next day Jack tried to get Anne to marry him, but she was doubtful, saying that she loved him, but felt like something in his unambitious persona was an impediment to her giving in to her feelings.

See, if she was unsure of of feelings why would she stay with him? Like, I just don’t understand.

A few days later Anne left for boarding school. They wrote to each other everyday, but their feelings for each other started to unwind. When they saw each other again, it was different. Anne wouldn’t let Jack “do it” with her and they even fought about it. Eventually the letters stopped, he got thrown out of law school, and ended up marrying Lois. He didn’t like her friends and she didn’t interest him as a person. He ended up leaving her.

I also don’t understand why he married someone who he found uninteresting. Like does he feel that desperate to where he’s like “yeah, sure I guess I’ll marry you.”

After two years in college, Anne comes home to take care of her dying father. She had been engaged several times, but she never got married becoming an old maid after her father’s death. She devoted herself to working with charities and the orphanage.

She then has an affair with Willie!!! Like what? Seriously?

New update Wednesday, February 6. XO- Ash

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