What’s gone on so far?

Okay, so before I move on to my final thoughts on the book, which will be posted on Wednesday, February 13, along with maybe a super brief summary of what we read, I want to catch ya’ll up on everything that has happened previously and is going on currently.

Basically this will be a detailed overview of my last blog posts! Just in case you’re confused at what is going on, or you don’t have time to read the other nine posts on the site, or you just don’t feel like reading them, you can get semi caught up with this post.

Let’s start with “Coming At You.” At the beginning of the book, the mentioning of Highway 58 was a lot. Jack said that “You look up the highway and it is straight for miles, coming at you…” That’s where I got my title from since my English professor said I needed to give my blog post more alluring titles. We learn about Sugar-boy. He was the driver of the Boss’s cadillac. He spoke with a stutter. Also, “His name was O’Sheean, but they called him Sugar-boy because he ate sugar. Every time he went to a restaurant he took all the cube sugar there was in the bowl.” We also meet Lucy Talos. Who I honestly feel really bad for. She did everything she could and Willie still cheated on her, but I’m getting ahead of myself in this recap! Lucy Talos is a school teacher. She is married to Willie Talos who has “…a look of dog-like devotion and wonder in his eyes when they fixed on her.” (This makes me mad now, but It’s fine, I’m fine.)

In my second blog post, we learn about “The Honest Man.” After Lucy loses her job, Willie loses the election to Dolph Pillsbury. Willie stays low for a while. The Pillsbury group builds a school and, during a fire drill, many kids used the fire escape. It broke. Several kids were injured, and three kids died. Willie attended the triple funeral and stood silently in the back. A dad of one of the dead kids (I tried really hard, but there is no way to say that he was the father of a dead child and it not sound terrible.) saw Willie and said “Oh God, I am punished for accepting inequity and voting against an honest man!”

Next we have “The Governing Election.” People from the Harrison outfit told Willie to run for governor, but they did not want him to win. They were just using him as a pawn to split the MacMurfee vote. After making boring speeches that included nothing but facts and figures, Sadie Burke, from Harrison’s outfit, told him it was a setup. He got super drunk, went on stage, gave a speech bashing Harrison’s Outfit, and the MacMurfee Outfit won the election.

Alright, now we are moving on to “The Scandal.” Here is what I was refering to in the third block where I mentioned being sad for Lucy. Willie is in an apparent long term affair with Sadie Burke, who, get this, is jealous of his other mistresses. So, it’s not just Sadie that he is cheating on Lucy with. Lucy seems to know nothing about this situation, but, eventually, Lucy leaves Willie by spending time away from him, but they keep up the appearance of being married.

Next is “Cass Mastern.” He has his own chapter. I’ll get into that a little on Wednesday.

Then we have “The Dirt.” This one isn’t too interesting. Jack is trying to scrounge up dirt on Judge Irwin. He found out the Irwin took out a mortgage on his plantation. He also gets his hands on a letter from a spiritual medium named Lily Mae Littlepaugh, from her brother George Littlepaugh, whom Judge Irwin replaced at the power company. It was a suicide note, revealing that the Judge had received a large amount of stock and his position at the power company as a bribe for dismissing a court case brought against the Southern Belle Fuel Company. After her brother’s suicide, Lily did everything she could to help this situation, but Governor Stanton protected Judge Irwin. Stanton even threatened Lily with prosecution for insurance fraud.

Next we have “The Affair.” We learn about Jack’s relationship with Anne Stanton. They were kind of cute in my opinion and I was a tad salty that they broke up, but it’s fine. After they split, Jack married Lois. He didn’t like her friends, and she was uninteresting, yet he still married her. He ended up leaving her later on. Then we find out Anne is having an affair with Wille. I swear, how many girls did he have hanging around him?

So yeah, this is my update on where we are now. I also wrote about “The great Twitch,” but, like Cass, I will get in that more on Wednesday after my Final chapter. I’m excited! This blogging journey is almost over. I’m also kind of sad. I’ve learned so much, like the fact I kind of enjoy blogging, but maybe not about a book 🙂

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