Final Thoughts?

Hey guys, this is my last update for this book. I’m kind of upset that it’s over, but I definitely won’t miss the late nights rummaging through my book trying to figure out what to write about!

Basically I have fallen in love with some of the characters. I’ve also learned to dislike some.

For starters, Jack is the protagonist of the story. He is very intelligent. He is Willie’s right-hand man. He is also troubled by the question of responsibility and motive’s in history. He decides he can’t comprehend Cass Mastern’s motives for becoming an abolitionist. He develops the Great Twitch theory to try to convince himself that you can’t hold anyone responsible for anything that happens, but eventually accepts the idea of human responsibility.

Then we have Willie, or the “Boss.” Willie came from nothing and ended up a powerful political figure. He was Married to Lucy and they had a child named Tommy. Willie had an affair with Sadie Burke who was jealous of his other mistresses. Lucy ended up “leaving” him. It’s in quotes because they kept up the image of marriage, but she went to her sisters poultry farm. He later had an affair with Anne Stanton. See, this makes me mad. I don’t understand why someone has to cheat, and if they do cheat, why with several different women. That’s just gross to me. I don’t understand why Anne gave up on Jack because he wasn’t sleeping around, but that’s none of my business.

Next is Anne Stanton. The one who had an affair with Willie. She was also Jack’s first love. They were really cute to me, and I know he later went on to marry Lois and then divorce, but what if they had continued to stay in touch and didn’t gradually lose feelings? Oh my gosh, they would’ve been such a power couple.

Next we have Adam. Adam Stanton is pretty important to our plot. He was Jack’s closest childhood friend, the brother of Anne, and Governor Stanton’s son. Adam Stanton is also Willie’s murderer. Toward the beginning, he didn’t seem as if his role in the book was that important. He was practically driven mad by everything being thrown at him. He find’s out about his dad blackmailing people. Then he find’s out Willie is sleeping with his sister. Tiny Duffy also gets into his head. No, he shouldn’t have murdered him, but the things leading up to the murder would drive someone crazy.

That is all for this blog. I know. I’m kind of sad to stop writing. I truly have created a bond with some of these characters and now that it’s over, it’s a little disheartening. I’m excited that I am done though. There will be no more late nights. I’m officially signing off…

XOXO- Ash 🙂

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